The Costa Verde

"This is a beautiful language to those who defend it. It offers treasures of infinite riches. Looks like the wind is caught in a harp, and he composed a symphony"

(Yves DUTEIL, a French artist in the song "The language here" - Oscar 1986 French song).


It is an association of parents, non-profit founded in 2000 on the initiative of some French parents, concerned that their children receive quality education given in their mother tongue.
Initially, this goal was achieved in part through the CNED (National Centre for Distance Learning), which offers courses designed by professors from the French National Education in strict accordance with the official program.
The French School of the Costa Verde is located in Rio San Juan, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Some parents committed themselves to teach the best they could to fifteen students, whether French Dominicans. At the time, assured levels during the kindergarten and primary. Before long, students and teachers have seen their project, carried out in a house converted into a school, earn so much importance that in 2011 the number is seventy children enrolled.
Similarly, the French school has won not only in quantity but also to students as quickly as teaching, the Parents' Association has focused on a clear educational goal. Like after three or four years of high school courses, until bachelor, began to be offered, it was decided that education could not only depend on the willingness of some parents, but that he should seek teachers with university degrees.However, despite the qualitative improvement of education and the increase of students whose backgrounds more diverse each year give an international dimension in school fees are deliberately kept reasonable so that the School is accessible to those who do not have many resources, but who value education monolingual that they offer.


Although it was difficult to find a qualified teacher four years ago, today it is difficult to choose among the hundreds of nominations received for each vacancy.For two years, we have fixed a teaching team consisting of teachers who came especially to teach French in the country. The two kindergarten teachers hold, one from France and one from Belgium, each with a respective experience of two and four years. The two primary teachers have university degrees, one holds a degree in history and geography and taught three years in a private school in France, the other has a mastery of French language and taught for two years at school. These skills have helped provide education regardless of CNED at higher levels while its use continues with two teachers for twenty students. One has been teaching for nine years at the French school and a university diploma in technology and the other holds a degree in English words French language and teaching for six years.

Thus, the French school has achieved its goal of quality in its teaching staff and by this criterion may apply to bodies to approve the French schools abroad. Its partner network account among others the French School of Santo Domingo, the French Library and the Ministry of Education dominicain.

Finally, the French school of Rio San Juan and Costa Verde needs each to help provide the best possible education and instruction to sixty-six children, half of which comes from its host country. It is in this spirit that decided to organize a golf tournament last year and another this year, in addition to the Oktoberfest. All proceeds, donations and other funds generated will be donated to the French School of the Costa Verde.

Opportunities to sponsor a child are also increasing, and these demonstrations of support, more and more, added to the organization of events that are intended to be repeated each year, offer hope to reach a new goal : construction of a school !

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