The return of students

The school year is the period of the school year when students return from theirsummer holidays and resume classes at school. The period is associated with therecovery of activity in general, whether economic or political, after the downturnover the holidays, the very event of the season being one of the most typicalMarronniers journalism.

This event is often accompanied by changes in class and the teacher. This school year also means the return of teachers to schools, which is generally before the return of students.

Some forms may need to be filled to fit into a particular school, and social supportcan be obtained to help children from disadvantaged families.

Little poem back to school

It's back !

Owlswhat Kids are back
We'll have fun !

Heck, it's back
More lie-ins !

Niceit's back
The mistress is tanned !

Heck, it's back
Almost finished the summer !

Niceit's back
I have new shoes !

Heck, it's back
I have some sore feet 


The return

I wanted in my satchel
Take my sand castles
My kite, shells
And the porch of the beach

Mom told me
It 's not allowed
And then 
It's not n'rentre

So I took a nice pen
Some cakes for tea
And reasonable things
Three more small grains of sand


How wonderful,
these little kisses of awakening...
1, 23... Sun !

Sandwiches swallowed,
shoes strung ...
1, 23... Go !

A one foot on the path
humming a tune...
1, 2, 3... Buddies

Quicklyone last kiss,
the bell rang...
12, 3... Back


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