521537-150096525122504-100003664723115-199951-1429134059-n.jpg "Make the dream devours your life so that your life does not devour your dream."
Antoine de St Exupéry

 "No one will go to the bottom of a child laughing."
Victor Hugo 

 "Open a school and you close a prison."
Victor Hugo

 "This is a beautiful language to those who defend it, it offers treasures of infinite riches. Looks like the wind is caught in a harp, and he composed a symphony."
Yves DUTEIL , French artist in the song "The language here" - Oscar 1986 French song

 "Learning a new language takes on a new soul."

"Peace is an energy created inside."

"An open book is a talking brain; closed a friend waiting, forgotten; a forgiving soul; destroyed, a heart that cries."
Hindu proverb

 "To change you need to know, to know you have to learn, and to learn is to make great sacrifices."
Samuel Aun Weor

 "If you dare to teach, not stop learning."
John Cotton Danalogo-ecole-francaise-nj2.jpg

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